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How to set up Parental Control on Cisco DPC2320 Wireless Gateway

My kids are growing bigger. Kid's toys are very different now. Nowaday, they are already used to playing with several electronic gadgets, and I've already bought some consoles such as the PlayStation Portable & the Nintendo DS Lite for my kids. But now they've started to move to play with Android tablets. Speaking about Android, definitely closely related to internet access. And as we know, the internet is like two sides of the blade. On the one hand, it bring positive benefits, but also dangerous, in the terms of adult contents. I have two small kids who actively use Android tablets every weekend (yeah, just in the weekend). They require internet access to play games (download and multiplayer) and watching Youtube. For internet access and cable TV, I have subscribed to the service and Fastnet HomeCable from Firstmedia. I have been given one unit of Cisco DPC2320 Wireless Gateway as its access point. The Cisco® Model DPC2320 DOCSIS 2.0 Wireless Residential Gatew

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