Linux start to sells sandwich chocolate cracker!

No kidding! this is real... and it's make me laugh :-) i found it at some mini-market around the city of Tg.Balai Karimun.

I've tried to buy a box of it (contains 7 sachet). It costs about $1. Made in Malaysia. Each sachet contains 2 pieces of delicious sandwich.

No, i'm not to promoted this product, but it seems funny to eat our favorite OS in chocolate flavour .. hehe :-)


  1. haha... i wonder they must be make another biscuit named "Windows"

  2. Or a Mac Sereal...Ha ha. Anyway, would you like to take one for us in the office at Monday? I'd like to taste one

  3. @Emily : i think so

    @Eko W : Sure... i have bought 4 pack of it.. so delicious


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