Home sweet home with Sweet Home 3D

Sometime, it's quite confusing when we want to build a dream house, especially when we're tried to design the shape of the building. Plus if we're the kind of people who have a poor sense of art and not mastering AutoCAD. Complete, please contact your home architect and prepare some money :-(

Yes, that's what happened to me. But finally, i found a freeware called "Sweet Home 3D". With this application i can  represent what do I have in mind in designing the house up.

The application is pretty easy, just click and drag. You just need to make walls and rooms. For more advanced, you can try to be creative by incorporating ornaments such as bed, chair, TV, doors, windows and many more (available in the left panel)

Sweet Home 3D

To obtain a precision, you can change the unit's measurement to 'meter' by selecting File menu > Preferences > Units = Meters

Interestingly, you can review your work as well as Aerial View (from above) and as  Virtual Visit, as if you are in the house. So much fun!

3D Virtual Visit

From what we have done, the output can generated as *.sh3d,  ZIP,  PNG, PDF, and even in movie form.

So? Wanna try ? Download Sweet Home 3D from here or try it online.


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