Problem on the Safely Remove USB drive: "The device can not be stopped right now" (locked by wmpnetwk.exe)

I use the Windows 7 Ultimate Edition 64-bit OS' on my ThinkPad, and i often encounter the intermittent problem every time I want to remove the USB drive safely. Sometimes it'll show a notification telling the drive / device can not be stopped, and also show the process which locked it named "wmpnetwk.exe "

So what the hell is wmpnetwk.exe? Please read here and here

This service will be required if you want to share media or stream it over the network using Windows Media Player. Since I am using VLC Player as my main media player, so it will have no effect to me.

Apparently this service is pretty much consuming resources on our computers:

There are two methods to solve this problem:

The first method:

  • Go to Control Panel >  Homegroup
  • Select option Leave the Homegroup
  • Now try to Safely Remove your USB drive. At least this method works for me :-)

The second method:
From what I've read on the internet, some people decide to permanently disable this service. To do this, do the following task :
  • In the Start Search enter the word "services.msc" (without the quotes) and then press ENTER
  • Look for a service named "Windows Media Player Network Service Sharing"
  • Click on the Stop the service

  •  Then double-click on the service, in the Startup Type dropdown select the option Manual and then click OK.

  • Restart your computer.
  • Done! The locked USB Drive's problem should not be happening again.


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