Face-Recognition logon with KeyLemon

After I was disappointed because I couldn't install the Lenovo's face recognition applications, Veriface on my ThinkPad , then I tried to find a replacement of Veriface-like applications on the web. After a few browsing, I found an application called KeyLemon

KeyLemon replaces the standard Windows logon and session lock-out with a face recognition dialog using a standard webcam. This application has the functionality and operations similar to Veriface. The installation is quite easy, we only need to complete four steps of it.

Step 1 : Choose your webcam

Step 2 : Take the correct position of your face

Step 3 : adapt your face

Step 4 : Enter your Windows password

So how about the experience?
Well, I think this application could be used to do some show off to your friends/mate. But for security reasons, I think the KeyLemon is less accurate and can be easily bypassed. Or maybe because I use the free version of KeyLemon where recognition accuracy level was locked to the medium. Perhaps..perhaps....

It seems there's a lot of nice features if we upgrading the licenses. But, you know, I'm still looking for similar applications that are open-source :-)

Interesting ?  You can try and download KeyLemon from here (CNET)


  1. Face recognition with delphi and with source code



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