Installing Huawei EM660 on ThinkPad X100e

Several months ago, i've bought a Mini PCI 3G Module, branded as  HUAWEI EM660 CDMA2000 for my Lenovo ThinkPad X100e.

Previously  I knew that there is a single empty slot on the notebook's mainboard for a Mini PCI module. And also, actually  I  want to free-up one USB port rather than using an all-day-long attached 3G USB modem's dongle.

I bought it from Jakartanotebook,  it was costs about $16 at the time.

Specifications :
The specifications of this modem are as follows :
Features Description
Product title EM660
Dimensions:  Target:51mm×30mm×5mm
Weight <30g
External interface Compliant to PCI-SIG PCI Express Mini Card version 1.2(Support USB 2.0 protocol)
Technical Standard CDMA 2000 1XRTT ;
Compatible to CDMA IS-95 A/B 800/1900MHz;
CDMA 2000 1x EVDO Rev.0 800/1900 MHz;
CDMA 2000 1x EVDO Rev.A 800/1900 MHz;
Operating Frequency CDMA/EVDO 800M
Data Rate EVDO Rev.A data service of up to DL 3.1 Mbps/UL 1.8Mbps
Max. transmitter power CDMA 800 MHz :+23 dBm(Power Class 3);
CDMA 1900 MHz +23 dBm(Power Class 2);
Maximum power consumption Average power consumption <= 3.6W
Power supply 3.3V/1100mA
AT command Sets support 3GPP 27007 AT commands, and some Huawei defined commands.
RUIM support RUIM,standard 6 PIN UIM card interface,support 3V and 1.8V UIM card
Receive Diversity 800/1900Mhz receive diversity
Antenna interface Use Hirose U.FL-R-SMT connector
driver Supporting Windows 2000 、Windows XP、Vista and Linux(2.6.18 later)
Operating Temperature -10 to 55° C
Storage Temperature -20 to 70° C
Humidity 5%~ 95%
OS Support Supporting Windows 2000 、Windows XP、Vista and Linux(2.6.18 later)
SMS service Supporting SMS based on CDMA 1x
Language English ( can be customized)
* taken from

Installation :
To install this module on the notebook is quite easy. I opened the bottom of the laptop (unscrew). The Mini PCI's slot is quite easy to find, it located next to the SIM Card slot.

Plug the modem module carefully, lock it with (two) screws. There are two cables from notebook, each color Blue and Red. Now connect the blue cable connector to the antenna port labeled "A" (mean Auxiliary) and the red wire to the antenna port labeled "M" (mean Main). Do a gentle tap to make sure the connector is attached closely. And lastly, I do inserting the SIM card into its slot.

Test Drive :

This modem does not require special treatment. And it was immediately recognized as Huawei E169/E620/E800 HSDPA Modem by Linux (Ubuntu) without installing any drivers.

On Microsoft Windows XP / 7, this modem is also 100% compatible with Mobile Partner application from Huawei.

So how about the speed?. Well the modem is pretty stable and fast, and a little to warm if you're on a high load (such as downloading or watching youtube), of course without buffering :-)

And this is the result of this modem with AHA (CDMA, from Bakrie Telecom) card (4GB Unlimited Plan, bandwidth 600kbps)

At last, no more USB dongle attached :-)


  1. keren. apa bisa dipakai ke thinkpad x120e pk?

    1. bisa mas.. intinya semua notebook yang punya slot WWAN / Mini PCI-e pasti bisa...

    2. Oh ya Mas Riswan , bis aaya tambahkan saja, kalo semua notebook yang punya slot WWAn / Mini PCIE-e pasti bisa mungkin bisa juga tidak mas, kerna sepengalaman saya, beberapa thinkpad mesti kena Error 1802 ato 1804 , dikarenakan Whitelist. dan maunya yang WWAN Modul yg ber-FRU Lenovo nya.
      Menyedihkan sekaligus agak menggemaskan ya mas. Demikian mas, kurang lebihnya mohon maaf .. | Regards, noe

    3. Oh gitu ya .. terimakasih banyak atas infonya ya mas noe...

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