Ms.Office 2007 runs on Wine: how to solve blinking Office button problems (freezing Office)

Although I use Ubuntu everyday at work, for reasons of compatibility to the other users I'm using Microsoft Office 2007 rather than LibreOffice.

After I successfully installed Ms.Office 2007 on Wine with the help of PlayOnLinux (how? do read here), I started to  run Ms.Excel first.

But what happened? Ms.Excel stopped working (freezing) with the splash screen stay appeared, with the anomaly that the Office at the top left keep flashing and blinking on.

From my  observation, Ms.Excel in fact do a request for a user's Full Name and Initial information because this is a fresh install. And on unknown cause, the dialog box is closed by the modal windows of the splash screen :-(

Well the solution is easy, press the key combination Alt + Space on the keyboard. A dropdown menu will appears, select Move, then press the arrow keys until the dialog box appear. Enter the requested informations, then press OK. Done!

Press Alt + Space to show up the menu, then choose Move

Move down the box with keyboard, fill the informations

Hope you are helped by these tips.

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  1. Just to share: there has been a lot of documentation about this and typically, the solution is to make sure to open MS Word first, before any MS Office application. That solves the issue of other MS Office applications freezing when opened for the first time via Wine.

    1. i see..
      so we must opened MS Word first
      thanx for your information

  2. @Adi: Saved my day. Thanks a lot. Personally I like this solution better since it addresses the core problem.

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