Monday, June 4, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Ace : RAMDUMP ARM9 Mode Problem

This morning i've got a strange error on my Samsung Galaxy Ace's (SGA) screen during it's boot. It shows up a blank black screen with a text "RAMDUMP Mode (ARM 9 Mode)". I have looking for some sources in Google on how to solve this problem. Many people are advised to do the hard reset / factory reset as pressing the Volume Up and Power simultaneously. There are also some people who suggest to press Home + Power button + Volume Up.

But all these suggestions did not provide a solution to me. So what I did? I just pulled out the SD-card from its slot, then turn the device by pressing the Power button's on. Done! it solved my problem! SGA will boot properly, and after the Android home screen look good, you can safely insert the SD Card into it's slot.

Have a try, and give me your feedback