Shutdown several services / application in batches with Taskkill

I were stucked in these following situations :
  1. I have a notebook with some internet's bandwidth-hungry applications installed, such as Dropbox, Evernote, TeamViewer, Google Drive, uTorrent, FDM, and so forth.
  2. I were greatly helped by that apps above and do not want to get rid of them from my notebook
  3. Sometimes I need to shut down applications above one by one, especially when I run out of battery or out of quota internet :-)
  4. And that's the suckest point.
To overcome it, here we can use the Windows  native command 'taskkill' , and to execute it in batches, then we must write it into a batch script.

First, you must know the names of the service / image name you want to turn off. It can be seen from the Task Manager> Processes

Second, the syntax we will use here are:
taskkill / f / im [image_name_or_service_name]

/f = forcely shutdown
/im = image name

For a sample, you can turn off the dropbox service by this command :
taskkill / f / im dropbox.exe

very simple isn't it ? Now open Notepad and write down following lines depend on what application that you want to shut down its service.

Third, Save the file on the Desktop with file names ending in *. Bat (example : taskkill.bat)

Fourth, and you're done. Whenever you want to stop those applications, simply double click on the batch file, and your unused apps will be shutdown immediately.

Batch scripting can be fun! Learn more at :


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  2. This below worked for me.
    Frederick Okumu, Uganda

    1.With the phone turned off, PRESS and HOLD Volume down and Send buttons CALL buttons (the manual says SEND and with that they obviously mean Call)
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    3.Follow on screen instructions


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