How to shows subtitle (*.srt) in Windows 7 - Windows Media Player 12

By default, Windows 7 Windows Media Player 12 (WMP12) does not support *. SRT files for movie ssubtitles. To shows subtitle on WMP12, we can use Local Subtitles for WMP plug-in from This Plug-In will allow you to play movies with subtitles in Windows 7 Media Player 12

And here's the steps :
  • Prepare your video files
  • Download subtitle (*. SRT) in accordance with the title of the movies and languages you want. (Subscene is a recommended site for subtitle's searching).
  • Rename the SRT file name with the same name of your movie file (excluding the extension). 
For example:
- myvideodvdrip.mp4

    • The movie will be played. Make sure the subtitle is loaded by right clicking on the movie screen > Lyrics, captions and subtitles> On, if available
    • Done. Your WMP12 will shows the subtile below the the screen.

    Have a try ! :-)


    1. thanks for the info!
      its very useful~
      i should have found this before i downloaded so many other media players but still cant play the subs(-_-)

      1. @Shania :

        So you've tried to downloaded many media players?
        Have u tried VLC or Light Alloy? they can show the subtitles by default, just renamed the subs files with the same name of the movie. Have a try

    2. It's really working but there is a black semitransparent cover behind subtitles.It covers a part of the video

    3. One of these system requirements has a processor. For you to have the windows media player performing, you have to use a processor with capabilities of about 233 megahertz. These types of processor chips are easily obtainable, and a good example is the Apple Pentium processor, as well as the Advanced Small Devices processor.

    4. There might be times when you are confused about which site to pick because of the several options at hand. Running the same title search across many sites can lead to a lot of time wastage along with cluttered and irrelevant results movie subtitle


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