Krisbow Alarm Padlock K108C Review - Padlock with Built-In Alarm

To provide more security to my Bajaj Pulsar 200, I bought a padlock at Ace Hardware. I bought Krisbow Alarm Padlock K108C for Rp.98.600 (about +- $10). This padlock is smart tool that integrates with padlock & motion sensor alarm. It will sound if it moved. Great isn't it?

Krisbow Alarm Padlock K108C

Some advantages of this padlock are:
  • Water resistant, anti-corrosion, and weather-proof changes.
  • High security standards (USA and CE (Europe) standard quality)
  • Vibrating Sensor & alarm 110db
  • Can be used with or without alarm.
  • Have an uncommon keys + keyhole so it makes more difficult for a thief to hack it.

This padlock comes with 3 pieces of keys, and 12 pieces of LR1130 button batteries. (6 pieces batteries is mounted in the padlock, and 6 pieces batteries as backups).

Key Position

Ok now, how to use it? What I found was, the instructions behind the package is not in accordance with the padlock that I have. Such instruction is given (maybe) to the type of K108A :-(

So I had to find myself how to use this padlock, and here's how :

The use the padlock with alarm:
  1. Use the key to open the padlock.
  2. To lock, insert the shackle into the lock-hole, the position of the key is still attached to the padlock body, in the UNLOCK position.
  3. When shackle got entered, It will sound a beep, indicating that the alarm has been activated.
  4. Turn the key lock to the LOCK position and pull off the keys.

The use the padlock without alarm:
  1. Use the key to open the padlock.
  2. To lock, insert the shackle into the lock-hole with the key positions is ready to be unplugged. It means that right after when the shackle inserted into the hole, you should immediately turn the key to LOCK position and immediately pull off the key.
  3. If you do it right, it will not beep, and the alarm is off.

How to replace the batteries:
  1. Use the key to open the padlock.
  2. Use a [+] screwdriver to open a pair of screw as you can see in the picture below :
  3. Once opened, replace the battery with new 6 pieces of button battery and reattach the screws.
Screws Position

Padlock unscrewed & batteries replacement

Here I demonstrate the usage of alarm padlock :



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