Playing music on your Android

Android operating system allows us to explore the possibility of doing about anything, thanks to Google Play for the support of many applications on it (most of them are free).

One thing that we can do with Android is the possibility to play music on it, whether playing it alone or on a collaborate like a band playing.

So, what are applications that you need for the band play with your friends? Here it is:

1. Real Drums:
With this application we can play drums with your fingers. Drums available sets are complete except for the unavailability of cow bell. Also, it can record your drums playing.

2. My Piano:
Limited to 18 keys, we can play simple piano on My Piano. This application can do the recording and has 3 effects.

3. Real Bass:
Has 18 frets and 5 strings, can do the recording on bass, and the bass has 5 modes (Acoustic, Electric Fingered, Picked Electric, Electric Slapper, and Synth). You probably need a headphone or loudspeaker if you wanna hear the lowest tones.

4. Robotic Guitarist Free
This application has a complete customization, such as chord presets, metronome, tuner, guitar lab, and more. Unfortunately there is no facility to record the guitar's play. Very good for rhythm guitar but not for solos / melody.

5. Ethereal Dialpad
This is the expressive touch synthesizer. Just tap and move your finger on the screen and you can make beautiful music, even a baby can do it!

Do you have another Android apps to play music?. Feel free to share here :-)


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