How to change Google Drive desktop app's language into English

I have just installed Google Drive desktop application on my computer. Then  I checked, it turns out the menu in Indonesian language (according to my settings in the Regional and Language). For some reason, I prefer to use English in the application menu.

Since there's no any option available to change the language in Google Drive, for changing the language on Google Drive desktop application, do following steps :

1. Open the Start Menu, type in the phrase "edit system environment variables" then choose the menu as shown below :

2. On System Properties dialog, choose Advanced tab, then click the Environment Variables... button. On Environment Variables dialog, create a new System Variable, named "LANG" and "en_US" on its value. Just follow the step-by-step as in the image below:

3. Turn off Google Drive desktop application, then restart it.

4. Should Google Drive desktop application menus are in English now.

Google Drive's menu in English

Try it yourself :-)


  1. Wow, thanks a lot, man! I've been trying to it for days!
    Works perfectly.

  2. Replies
    1. hei its not work for me,is there any other solution?

    2. Have u tried to restart the app, or even the PC? It should work

  3. Thank you very much, just what I needed!

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