Thursday, May 15, 2014

How to root Lenovo P780

 Here's how to easily root your Lenovo P780 smartphone. 
  1. You need to download an app called Framaroot from here (find the newest version)
  2. On your phone, enable app installation from Unknown Sources. Go to Settings > Security > tick on Unknown Sources to allow installation of non-market apps.
  3. Install the Framaroot.apk from your SD card and open the app
  4. It would looks like below :

  • Choose Boromir
  • After the exploit is successfully completed, it will prompt for a reboot. 
  • Do reboot the phone.
  • That’s all, your device will reboot now and your device will be rooted. 

 There will be an app named SuperSU on your phone, which listed which apps that has been granted root priviledge.

Vivan V06 6000mAh Power Bank review

Last day, i'd received gift, a power bank unit from our partner. Branded as Vivan V06, this unit comes with a nice package. 

Product specifications :
Cell type : Samsung 18650
Capacity : 6000mAh
Input : DC 5V, 1 A max
Output : DC 5V, 1 A max
Charging time : 5-6 hours
Cycle life : >= 500 times

Unboxed, this power bank equipped with :
  1. A warranty card
  2. A User Manual
  3. A built-in Micro USB cable
  4. A built-in LED Light
  5. Power Switch
  6. Indicator light
  7. Micro USB input port
  8. USB output port
  9. A USB to Micro USB cable
  10. A USB AC adapter charger
  11. A Nokia DC 2.0 output jack
  12. A Micro USB output jack
  13. A Mini USB output jack
  14. An iPhone 5 output jack
  15. A Samsung Galaxy Tab output jack
  16. A nice brown pouch :-)

Where it excels :
This power bank unit has a big capacity (6000mAh), use trusted Samsung's battery cell, nice design, and has a LED torch-light (double click on button to turn it on), very usable. It also can charges two cellphones at once, and support many varieties of cellphone's charge jack.

Where it falls :
Despite having a large capacity, it only provide small electric charge output as 1 A. Ok it's fine for some smartphone that comes with less than 3000mAh battery. But for some gadget such as tablet or smartphone with 'monster' battery (such as Lenovo P780) which need at least 2 A for charging, I'm sure this powerbank will falls.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

MEGADETH World Tour 2014 - Live in Jakarta !

One of my favorite metal band, Megadeth will come to Jakarta on this March 5th! Can't wait to watch them! See you there !

[Android] How to hack Flappy Bird score

Flappy Bird is become a popular game now. I like this game but it's kinda difficult game for me,... I just don't have much time to play this game. One naughty thing, I wonder if I can hack the score and show it off on my Facebook :-)

The way is simple, make sure your Android has been rooted (please, don't ask me how to root your Android phone), then download the Root Browser from Google's Play Store.

Once the Root Browser has installed, go to /data/data/com.dotgears.flappybird/shared_prefs and find a file named "FlappyBird.xml". Open the file (with RB Text Editor), go to the 4th line, change the score value into whatever you want.

Okay, try to show off the screenshot on your Facebook's wall or Twitter... your friends will be amaze :-)

How to re-install New Smartfren Andromax Tab (NSFAT) 7.0 with Android Jelly Bean 4.1.1 Build 60.5 (Stock ROM)

I have a tablet New Smartfren Andromax Tab 7.0 a.k.a Hisense WM7 a.k.a WonderMedia PRIZM 8950 , and tonight the tablet acting weird . At boot time, the display stops at the logo " Smartfren " and not entering the main menu of Android . I have tried to do a hard reset on the device but does not solve the problem .

I 've tried to bring this device to the nearest Smartfren Gallery . They said this device must be delivered to the Smartfren's service center at the Roxy - Central Jakarta , and it would took at least 2 weeks . No way man , I can't wait that long .

Finally , I decided to install this device by myself :-(

  • Do it at your own risk ! I am not responsible for any damage that may occur 
  • This action will remove your warranty, so think twice !

Preparation :

1 . Prepare a micro SD card, a more than 512mb on size would do.
2. Install WinRAR. It's not mandatory, but it'll help you much.
3 . Make sure you 've your NSFAT 7.0 shows a full battery , or should do the install on the charging condition.4 . Download the NSFAT Stock ROM with the link below :

Part 1 :
Part 2 :
Part 3 :
Part 4 :

Note : Those files above wasn't uploaded by me. Do let me know if those links are broken.

UPDATE : March 14th 2014
I've uploaded an alternative link, a whole package (compressed) in my Dropbox (367 MB) :

Installation : 

1. Extract the downloaded file, and then move the contents of the extracted file into the micro SD card :

2 . Insert the micro SD card into an available port on NSFAT, then turn on the NSFAT.
3 . Installation will begin running :

4 . Once the note below appears green , unplug your micro SD card, the device will automatically reboot :

5 . Done ! your NSFAT will be back to normal as usual

# All thanks for the guys at Indonesia's Smartfren Andromax | New Tab 7 Community

UPDATE : I think i've found the culprit !
Yes,  I think i've found the culprit! It seems that the Bluetooth is the root cause of the bootloop. I used to reinstall this tablet once a week. But unconsciously, i never use Bluetooth since 2 months ago.. and this tablet never gone bootloop again. Wifi is safe, you can use it all day long. So, try to turn off your Bluetooth, and let's see the result!