Sunday, January 3, 2016

How to set up Parental Control on Cisco DPC2320 Wireless Gateway

My kids are growing bigger. Kid's toys are very different now. Nowaday, they are already used to playing with several electronic gadgets, and I've already bought some consoles such as the PlayStation Portable & the Nintendo DS Lite for my kids. But now they've started to move to play with Android tablets.

Speaking about Android, definitely closely related to internet access. And as we know, the internet is like two sides of the blade. On the one hand, it bring positive benefits, but also dangerous, in the terms of adult contents.

I have two small kids who actively use Android tablets every weekend (yeah, just in the weekend). They require internet access to play games (download and multiplayer) and watching Youtube.

For internet access and cable TV, I have subscribed to the service and Fastnet HomeCable from Firstmedia. I have been given one unit of Cisco DPC2320 Wireless Gateway as its access point.

The Cisco® Model DPC2320 DOCSIS 2.0 Wireless Residential Gateway with Embedded Digital Voice Adapter (DPC2320) is a high-performance home gateway that combines a cable modem, router and 802.11n wireless access point in a single device providing a cost-effective voice and networking solution for both the home and small office

To secure my kids to access some internet content that is unsuitable for their age, so I'd tried to implemented the Parental Control on this device.

And here are the scenarios I've made for my family's internet access :

Member Devices/Gadgets Username/Roles Internet Access
Me Notebook, Smartphone, PC parents all access
Wife Smartphone parents all access
Kid 1 Tablet kidmode restricted
Kid 2 Tablet kidmode restricted

And here's the scheme i would to configured :

To access the setup page of this modem, please access the URL from the browser Will pop-up a screen asked for user and password, ignore it because by default the user and password was blank. (Hey do not ask me if case you forgot your password).

Parental Control > Time-Of-Day Rules

I created a profile name 'WeekendOnly'. I want to block my kids' internet access for all day except Sunday and Saturday. And I also set time limitation, only can access from 6.01 am to 8.59 pm.

Parental Control > Basic Setup

On Basic Setup, I created a rule named 'Kids-Safe'. Here, I put some keywords that related to adult contents which the kids shouldn't access it. I also put some domains which knowns showed adult contents. There's also a feature to override the limitation based on password.

Parental Control > User Setup

I've create two user configurations. One named 'parents' (for me and my wife) and the other one named 'kidmode' (for my kids & their friends). For the parents config, just set it as Trusted User and gave duration for 1440 minutes (24 hours). And for the kidmode, I've assigned the Kids-Safe for the Content Rule, WeekendOnly for the Time Access Rule, and gave duration for 180 minutes (2 hours), so my kids won't stuck too long to play with their gadgets.

Wireless > Basic

Ok, now we headed to Wireless section. On the Basic page, I enabled the Access Point and set name the SSID. Left other settings unchanged.

Wireless > Security

On the Security page, I'd set up the WPA Pre Shared Key. Left other settings unchanged.

Done !

OK now let's tried our config either worked or not. First, established a connection to the access point, then open browser on my gadget, try to access random website, a Parental Control login page will appeared :


With a little efforts and do some config to the access point in our home, we can save our children to accessing Internet content that is not suitable with their age, without prohibiting them to use gadgets


  1. Now young teens ten to attract towards photos and video sharing apps, where they can control how long the post will last before it will be get deleted. If your children using online sharing, then as a parent you should monitor them by using parental control apps to keep your children out of trouble

    1. Thank you Fred for the advice. No, my kids aren't using online sharing right now, but I think they will as they'll growing up. Do you have any recommendation for good parental control apps (and at best price too) ?

  2. You definitely need to read this little article about android parental control system

  3. how do i set username/roles?

  4. Ah,i get it.
    But, it doesnt work for https site? how to solve it?

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  15. Hi, I've been looking everywhere for this cisco parental control to work.
    I have kids on a pc and gadget, sometimes I need to block some websites such as youtube. I don't want them to input users and password, as they will know i have limit their access. So the limitations should go accros all users, and without passwords.
    How do i do this??
    Thank you for your help

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